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Quality Is Key

We honor the original bagel baking procedures. The only way to produce a soft bite with a sturdy texture is with the bake and boil method. When the raw dough is boiled, the gluten proteins, gelatinize, giving the finished product its chewy texture and sheen.


Our Promise

We take tremendous pride in the product we produce. Customers have voted us Orange County's best bagel for a reason. We respect your requests and do everything we can to make your meal special and exceed your expectations.

From Her Family To Yours

Shirley Merrifield started Bagels Etc. on E 17th Street, Costa Mesa after moving from New York. She became known as “The Bagel Lady” for her authentic recipe and devotion to bagels that she brought to the West Coast. Her legacy continued after her passing when Donald Dikmak picked up the business. He appointed today’s current co-owner and Director of Operations, Carlos Perez, to run the company in 1998. With Shirley’s recipes and foundation, Carlos believed that the market was capable of more than just retail. Today, Shirley's products are found in local school districts, hospitals, resorts, and bakeries. After Donald's passing in 2004, his daughter, Emily, and brother, Albert, became partners with Carlos. Carlos, Emily, and Albert continue to add new menu items while honoring the tradition Shirley started. Shirley's Bagels is a proud family, veteran, woman, immigrant, and locally owned business!  


We are a strong local business and believe in supporting our local community

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