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You’ve probably heard about the myth of writer’s block. I say myth because those of us who have deadlines for which we are either paid or graded don’t have the luxury not to produce a final manuscript by the due date. According to study help experts writer’s block comes from one of a few sources and each have their own solution.

Can’t figure out how to start

This is perhaps the most common version we hear when people are talking about writer’s block. Staring at a blank page for hours or writing and rewriting the same sentence several times. The best cure to find answers for this block is to get going. Even if it’s not brilliant, it’s better than the words you don’t have. Get started and you can revise a draft. You can’t revise empty space.

Editing as you go nowhere

The fastest way to crush any creativity is to try to pay attention to the finer points of grammar while you’re also creating. Free writing focuses on what you’re trying to say, not how you say it. Let spelling, syntax, and those details go in favor of content. In first draft writing, the point is to get what you’re saying down, not finalize all the technicalities. That is what comes in the final stage.


Nothing to say

If you’re staring at a blinking cursor after the first burst of inspiration, what you probably need is a critique buddy. Show your work to someone who can give you helpful feedback (not just “It’s great!”) or have a brainstorm session where you talk about the original ideas you had for a piece. Creativity does not exist in a vacuum and often sharing ideas with someone else can help further clarify them for yourself.

Basically there is no such thing as writer’s block, only incomplete motivation. Procrastination can sabotage your writing. Having a late or unfinished assignment is much worse than having written something that isn’t your best work.

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